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Temma Ehrenfeld

I'm a writer and ghost-writer.

An award-winning journalist who covers psychology, health and personal finance. "I would hire her anytime for anything.” Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek

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LA Review of Books

Before the War on Drugs

MUCH OF WHAT WE BELIEVE about Prohibition is wrong.

LA Review of Books

The Endocannabinoid System Comes of Age

We can decriminalize pot and get tougher on alcohol and sugar.

LA Review of Books

Will Robots Inherit the Earth?

Your kids could live forever as robots or with robotic parts.

Powers of two 243x366 article
LA Review of Books

In Praise of Dynamic Duos - The Los Angeles Review of Books

The feeling of rivalry lies at the very basis of our being, all social improvement being largely due to it […] The spectacle of effort is what awakens and sustains our own effort. — William James in an 1892 lecture. COLLABORATIONS may go swimmingly for years before the hostility begins....