Temma Ehrenfeld

Temma Ehrenfeld

I'm a writer and ghost-writer.

An award-winning journalist who covers health, relationships, psychology and personal finance. "I would hire her anytime for anything.” Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek

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When You Love Someone Who is Depressed

You'll need lots of patience.

Teaching Girls the Truth About Sex

We need a new coming of age ceremony to teach girls about love and pleasure.

A New Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Put money on the line.

Hiding Addiction Behind Depression

Alcoholism cost him his life, after professionals said he was just depressed.

Before the War on Drugs

MUCH OF WHAT WE BELIEVE about Prohibition is wrong.

With Pen in Hand

An elegy for handwriting in the digital age.

Hogs in Whole

Humans have yet to meet pigs halfway.

The Phonespinners

On Fire Island, children text while riding bikes.

Will Robots Inherit the Earth?

Your kids could live forever as robots or with robotic parts.

Gray Matters

Our fascination with the brain seems to come from a longing to make psychology more like a hard science and hence, we assume, more useful.

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5 ‘Signs’ of Lying That Aren’t as Foolproof as You’d Think

Learn to catch fleeting expressions if you want a better chance of detecting lies.

The Endocannabinoid System Comes of Age

We can decriminalize pot and get tougher on alcohol and sugar.

Why Am I Lonely? | Psychology Today

Eleanor Rigby was probably anxious.

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Beyond the religious arguments, what is the philosophical case in the Western tradition against self-slaughter?

The Risks of Lasik Surgery

Don't get vision-correction surgery if you're anywhere near middle age.