Temma Ehrenfeld

Temma Ehrenfeld

New York, NY
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I'm a writer and ghost-writer.

An award-winning journalist who covers health, relationships, psychology and personal finance. "I would hire her anytime for anything.” Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek

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Stay: A History of Suicide

It’s a Wonderful Life is such a cheery movie, we forget that the main character, George Bailey, gets drunk, crashes his car into a tree, and is about to jump off a bridge when his guardian angel appears.

WHY EXECUTIVES COLLECT ''Dealers love us because they know ...

WHY EXECUTIVES COLLECT ''Dealers love us because th...

Fathers and Sons | The Weekly Standard

Fathers and Sons | The Weekly Standard

Can They Take Away Your Grandkids?

In custody suits, the decks are stacked against grandparents' visitation rights, but the tide may be turning.

What Does Your Tattoo Say About You?

The psychology research on how tats have gone mainstream.

I Was (Almost) a Gold Digger - Youbeauty.com

Do you love him for his heart or his platinum AmEx card?...

What's in a Face

How computer software will scan our faces to identify us for security purposes--or diagnose pain and depression.

Straight to Gay Conversion Theory

The science of female bisexuality

Between Speech and Song - Association for Psychological Science

Between Speech and Song - Association for Psycholog...

New Help for Addicts

The science of addiction and the search for an addiction Prozac.

Adjust Your Home Space

Ergonomics for every room in the house.

Women exert new influence on philanthropy

By Temma Ehrenfeld. NEW YORK | Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:02pm EDT. NEW YORK ( Reuters) - When feminist writer...

The Body Electric

Electrodes work for a range of ailments, from heart trouble and epilepsy to chronic pain and depression.