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Temma Ehrenfeld

New York, NY
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I'm a writer and ghost-writer.

An award-winning journalist who covers health, relationships, psychology and personal finance. "I would hire her anytime for anything.” Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek

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Bob.v20 30.2015 04 20.ehrenfeld.newscom article
Gray Matters

Our fascination with the brain seems to come from a longing to make psychology more like a hard science and hence, we assume, more useful. Physics gave us electricity, skyscrapers, and the Internet. Chemistry gave us medicine and more fresh food

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BPS Research Digest: Writing about your emotional pain could ...

Some people brood over painful events.

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Get More Sleep, Lose Weight

Around the world, overweight people get too little sleep.

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The Art of Tactful Candor

How do you express appreciation?

In Praise of Dynamic Duos | The Los Angeles Review of Books

COLLABORATIONS may go swimmingly for years before the hostility begins.

Shopping for My Perfect Mattress

When shopping for mattresses, we're advised to trust our feelings. Don't.

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Is Yogurt a Diet Food?

It often contains acidopholus, which promotes weight gain.

The Bully in the Salon

Standing up to a bully in a hairdressing salon was a rite of passage for me.

Bob.v19 48.sept8 .ehrenfeld article
Honey Trap | The Weekly Standard

Bees thrive in cities.

Bob.v20 17.2015.01.05 12.ehrenfeld.luke elstad article
Once and Future Kings | The Weekly Standard

We misread the story of evolution to think it leads to human beings, when it's really more about bugs.

Is 20there 20a 20narcissist 20in 20your 20life 3f article article
Is there a narcissist in your life?

People with a narcissistic personality disorder are oblivious to the damage they inflict on those around them. Temma Ehrenfeld explains...

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Why Johnny should write

Handwriting helps us think.

Hiring Games

You could be asked to play a video game or be interviewed by a robot on video.

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Teen Suicide Rates Are Rising

What's the best sign your child is in danger?

Open uri20140718 29386 13s3ihl article
Natural Design

Call them nests, hills, reefs, hives, or something else—homes in nature efficiently use the materials at hand to meet idiosyncratic needs.