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Temma Ehrenfeld

Temma Ehrenfeld

I'm a writer and ghost-writer.

An award-winning journalist who covers psychology, health and personal finance. "I would hire her anytime for anything.” Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek

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More Americans are opting for specialty medications

Specialized medications help people with rare conditions, and increasingly, chronic ones.

Harnessing Soil to Rebuild Rural Nepal

Earthbags are a cheap and safe way to rebuild after the earthquake.

Exercise to Help You Stay Sharp, Calm and Disciplined

Exercise has multiple benefits.

Sweetest Wood in the World

An ode to cinnamon.

The Weekly Standard

Character Counts

Choose trustworthy friends.

What Would Stoics Say about the U.S. 2016 Election? by Temma Ehrenfeld

Stoic philosophy has helped me get through the post-election period.

The Wall Street Journal

How Trump Can Help Millions Hear

Hearing aid prices should fall.

The weekly standard article
The Weekly Standard

Mind the Gap|

Philosophers at the intersection of brain and spirit.

How to Stay Active During the Holidays

Go outdoors in the cold.

the fix

Geniuses Who Quit | The Fix

Addiction doesn't make you a genuis. But if you want to identify with a genuis, pick one who quit.

An Ode To Chocolate

A children's poem about the history of chocolate.


How to Help a Loved One With Bipolar Disorder

You can talk to a psychiatrist about a patient, even if the psychiatrist doesn't have permission to talk about a case.


New Hope for Addicts

Potential medications for alcoholism.

LA Review of Books

Before the War on Drugs

MUCH OF WHAT WE BELIEVE about Prohibition is wrong.

LA Review of Books

The Endocannabinoid System Comes of Age

We can decriminalize pot and get tougher on alcohol and sugar.